Old Rhymes

When the road is old but the holes are new

You try to walk without getting any wounds

Wounds from falls and familiar knives

Which pinch every memory you had happily survived

You watch the doors and signs, they speak with a smile

But when you turn that same curve utter gossips and lies

You hear some words and try to shape a response

But how can you hurt someone with whom you have once walked

You try to console your angry mind with sweet tales

But ‘How Many Times’ it asks ignoring whatever your past phrase

Wounds by hands which you have once held seldom scream

Whispering the old text and phrases, your brain enter a dream

Dream of laughter and walks where you both spoke your heart

Mimicking the one you both hate and when gossiping was your favorite art

Those walks have changed as you both accompanied different hands

Now you cross each other with same smile but like two acquainted ants

4 thoughts on “Old Rhymes

      1. People and tales comes and goes, what stays lessons. I have a lot of them. Though they do help to fill a picture.


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