If there’s a world beyond this world;

Let me be there;

Where there are only souls, no flesh,

Where there is only purity, no lies and mess.

Where there is no cloth to cover,

No words to hide the emotions,

Where nakedness is a necessity,

The nakedness of thoughts, words, and feelings,

Just raw nakedness, where a soul can live when it needs some healing.

Where there are transparent walls for me to look what’s inside,

To know what my words and fancy shirts doesn’t reside,

To know what silence hides inside as words shatter aside?

To explain what can explain me;

With what I can describe it? Words?

Can someone else describe it for me?

Can I write it down so you can read in your way for me?

As for me, it might be a truth which has been there all the time;

In a book which cover has always answered my questions,

So I didn’t try to read what’s inside.

But inside is now what I want to discover, as words were my fancy shirts,

I want to tear them apart so I can see what’s inside;

The nakedness of true emotions and the touch of my nerves,

As outside is a mixture of me, you and us;

As to find me in your words, in your hidden corners and dialogues;

Is to paint my portrait by the colours you picked for me,

It is not at all wrong or something which I would hesitate to do;

As only a reflection could locate the bruises and also admire what I can’t see.

But what if different reflections have baffled you,

What if you are tired of versions of everyones’ definite truth;

What if you don’t want to borrow your colours or image,

As when alone, standing with yourself; words revealed what you didn’t know you knew,

But their words tell me, ‘We also know a fraction about your outlines’;

But you can only describe the flesh, it isn’t the truth.

Is it?!

‘Is truth only one? Are lies many? Is it the opposite?…’, I ask some questions, every day,

I ask the mind, the soul and the heart; may be one of them might know what to say;

To answer my questions and turn them towards one single way;

One day it answered, it answered through some phrase:

‘Conscience might have some answers;

As all of them talks to her; mind, soul, heart; why you have failed?

The Universe is somehow attached to her, that all it is in-universe, there, is here, in it, it grows;

If you know her, you yourself would know, where to look for sun’s rays,

If you have to ask, it’s already lost;

If you have to search everywhere, it is far away

Be true to yourself and the truth is what you will always find

As you can lie to the reflection but not to the soul;

Or it would be darkening your conscience, which your soul calls ‘Home’.

So you don’t have to borrow someone’s colours;

Neither from someone your portrait

Just feel the wind, the breeze, the life, the moment

Feel how to be alive, every day,

There are many questions every day, solve one at a time

Or maybe leave for some for other time

But don’t leave your shadow in someone else’s yard

It’s your life, your portrait, you should complete it by yourself

No matter how many times the canvas gets torn apart.

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