Gods For Many

Life and death are two tales
Tales of twisted ends
One define beginning
Another might be an end,

God lies on both its sides?
Drawn by texts, different humans compiled;
With visions about god from many millenniums
He resides where? Is it among us he hides?

I have many questions, for everyone
What? Why? No! are simple beginnings
He doesn’t have to explain; he’s mighty
Isn’t it all his plays, less or more likely?

Death of many by a few, his prophesies?
Death is his way of ending a story?
ReBirth is the continuation of a soul?
Which religion text should I quote, as in some it’s not in theory.

How he judge a person, does he really judge?
He’s almighty but a billion people are hard to record
I believe in conscience and Karma by which you get judged
But many versions of truth is what makes to know his judgement for me a fuss.

Many texts have the definition of what’s beyond the clouds
Some have given him names, some shapes, some wrote it down
You have a free will to choose, for me, truth is a decorated sum;
You can be free when your conscience knows that your belief isn’t the only one.

But truth travels and change, it’s not eternal
Eternal is a myth, scripted and protected by myths
What isn’t eternal, is the way of your life
What you choose, what you don’t, for you, might turn out to be right.

It’s the beauty of eternity, it can’t be summarized
As no one knows how eternity make something looks like
Stories weaved by legends, as we say
We listen to them and build our versions of clay;

This clay is what is eternal, its presence
The belief of your own, trust the soul
This isn’t a religion, to know your soul?
As everyone could be a stranger but don’t stay stranger from your own;

This is my model of clay, I hope it would stay
As belief changes, if you have a will to learn
You hear and see every model, what is present out there
So you can learn that flesh is merely a layer;

It’s the soul that you need to churn   
To know the truth what isn’t visible   
That life is simple from the inside as it from the outside 
You just have to sit with yourself and teach and learn   
To know what out there that isn’t inside 
What is inside that you don’t know   
To know yourself amongst this mist of replication and duplication           
One has to understand himself first before being a lemming;
Following what humans about gods/legends/divinity wrote.

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