The soil of my lineage

‘Which race do you belong to?’,

‘Why your skin colour so different?’,

‘Why your eyes small, you smell funny.’

‘Why your food too oily, greasy, can’t you eat normal food?’,

‘Don’t you know my language; why, are you illiterate?’,

‘My religion is the best, you pagan!’,

‘What are you wearing and then you say men are pigs. Smhhh!’

‘Run back to your country.’

‘You’re homosexual, what’s wrong, do you want to see a psychiatrist?’

‘Shoot, Bomb, Kill, anyone who isn’t ours. Rape, anyone, who isn’t ours.’

‘That land looks peaceful, let’s invade. That part of the sea isn’t explored or contaminated, challenge accepted!’

‘That horn would look so good on my wall then on that animal’s head. Let’s kill; for fun.’

‘We count money; conservation, rights, nature, they don’t help our bank balances.’

‘We fight not for chaos, we don’t fight for land, we don’t kill people in the name of religion, our ‘peaceful’ actions are good for society.’


‘But the soil of your lineage is the same, so why?

Soil, red or brown, white or green,

Colour black or white, brown, maybe,

What’s your colour of blood, is it different?

Does your heart pump different?

Do you use your legs to eat or hands to run?

So how you’re different, different so you could consider;

Who should be killed or who should be considered to be lived among?

With guns, explosives, knives, chainsaws, what colour you want to achieve?

Soil colour is one, Humanity: Its lineage, you, I, he, she, is from one being,

What do you wanna prove, you’re different or are we?

You’re more powerful or we are weaker?

Why you curse? Are you mad on us or on yourself?

Can’t you smile when you meet us?

I didn’t know you were blind to see human

As you see your ideal parameters to asses kinds

You see colour, accent, smell, hairstyles

Actually, you’re the rare kind, as we all are mankind,

Those who would not ask you to fill your colour, religion to apply

If you want to join us, the people of one kind

Just act human, show respect to each other and you’ll be fine

If you can’t, don’t worry, you won’t be considered as an ‘Animal’;

They might kill to survive but they aren’t like humans,

Killing millions in the name of development and hidden profitable trusts

Cutting trees, polluting rivers; what is biodiversity to them, a text name

Animals is now an adjective, used for humans sniffing for profits under false files with made-up names,

You will not just be considered from the soil of our lineage

The one who wants a change of betterment, the one whom a human can trust

A being who is not solely looked for his beauty marks, or for his kind

The one who put a smile on the sad face of a lonely immigrant

Or give a shoulder to a crying child or give candy so he would smile,

Where you’re happy for your neighbour; not intruding through their door

As you’re not happy with their success or their way of celebration;

Don’t like the sound of their laughter reaching your door,

Guarding your boundaries, building new, so no new change can stay

But you don’t have to be sad, you may have your reasons

They may have shaped you in some way,

Hiding your favourite beings, tearing your belief of equality apart in different ways

But being bitter towards someone else, an ignorant stranger, strange from your part of grief

Why be bitter, fault of one isn’t the fault of his whole creed

As this soil is the lineage, it is same for us all

For you, your husband, son, brother or sister, father or mother, soldier; dead or alive,

It covers every skin with the same soil,

As it is the end, at last; the soil, a home for your ancestors and other lives

So why you have to distinguish even the graves, it is only made of stone, soil and skin of people buried after death under different names,

Why put it under different signs, reserving for tone or colour, signs that indicate that ‘only one colour here can be placed’

Naming after parting them won’t make it special,

Or else stay quiet as the world is for all,

Just be under the same sky, on the same grass, feeling the breeze which has touched millions of different skins with your eyes closed and a smile,

As this soil is for all, not for one, everyone has the right to his way of life.

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